• We Have a Variety of Men’s Accessories to
    Compliment Your Look in Springfield Illinois

    Our menswear specialists don’t stop with tailoring suits, shirts, and slacks. We offer a wide array of men’s accessories to add the perfect final touch that will take you from just looking good to looking exceptional. While your choice of suit style, color, and fit say a lot about your fashion sense, it’s the smaller details that will truly make you stand out from the crowd. That’s why our selection of men’s accessories is chosen for their elegance and sophistication. Choosing from a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

    Our selection of men’s accessories includes:

    • Italian-made socks including Marcoliani brand
    • Handkerchiefs
    • Sunglasses
    • Silk pocket squares
    • Cuff links
    • Tie tags and Tie bars
    • Watches
    • Wallets
    • Dress hats or headwear
    • Stetson hats
    • Belts
    • Torino leather
  • Footwear

    In our menswear shop, you’ll find a rich collection of shoes and loafers to choose from. No matter what your personal style is made up of, you’ll find leather, suede, and embossed options to coordinate. Our team of clothing experts can also help you verify your size and find the perfect, comfortable fit. A fashionable new suit is a large investment in your comfort and look – don’t ruin it with improper footwear! Quality formal shoes from Jim Herron provide you with long lasting appeal that feel good and look better! Renowned footwear brands we offer include:

  • Neckties & Bowties

    A suit always looks nice but can be a bit boring without a colorful necktie attached to it. At our store, you’ll find a wide selection of handmade silk neck and bowties to accent any dress shirt. Our experts are committed to making you look good and are available to help you navigate our supply to find the right one for your unique look. From plain to patterned, spots to stripes, we have so many high-quality choices that you’re sure to find one (most likely more) that are perfect for your new suit. Our brilliant tie selection includes:

    • Primitive ties
    • Silk ties
    • Extra-long ties
  • Hats

    Put a lid on it! Our suits offer a level of class to every customer, but if you really want to radiate style and finesse, choose a matching hat from our wide selection. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, we stock only the highest quality hats from well-known brands such as Stetson. The Stetson brand of hat has an amazing American heritage, being a part of history and remaining the strongest brands today. Styles of hats have changed over the years, but our commitment to quality and attention to detail has endured. Visit our menswear shop today and see what we have to offer!

  • Belts

    Belts are quite possibly the most functional aspect of your wardrobe – but there’s no reason that these accessories can’t be classy, elegant, or stylish too! Jim Herron Ltd. offers a wide variety of sturdy, durable belts from top designers that come in many styles and colors. Truly, an appealing leather belt can pull an entire suit together. When you visit our shop, consult with our men’s clothing and fashion experts and choose the perfect belt to offer you support and sophistication!